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Membership Drive!!
We are looking to add to our numbers as well as keep our current members active
in the the Geer Family Association
GFA Dues and Fees Schedule
Gift Membership: (1 year only, with paper) $30 (Giftee not a current or past member of the GFA)
Dues and printed newsletter with web access as well:
One Year $35
Two Years $55
Three Years $85
Dues and electronic (web access) newsletter:
One Year $25
Two Years $40
Three Years $60


We hope you explore our site and join us.
In the navigation to the left, you will see our organization history, member services, about our DNA project, our special projects, and coming events.

We provide a a place to connect with others exploring their family history. We have a rich library of items for sale, and a family historian who can also help you get started in your own research.