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The next Geer Family Reunion will be held in Ledyard, CT July 2026

Geer Family Association (GFA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing & preserving the genealogy of George Geer (b. c. 1621) & Thomas Geer (b. 1623), brothers who at age 14 & 12 were put on a British ship by their uncle who asked the captain to "let them off" halfway out so they wouldn't inherit their father's estate. The brothers disembarked in Boston in 1635 without funds, friends or contacts, with merely the clothes on their backs, but thrived in Colonial America & today have thousands of descendants living in the United States & Canada. In its newsletters, Facebook Group, Triennial Reunions, and this website, GFA encourages George & Thomas Geer descendants to connect!

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  • Online access to all 94 of GFA's newsletters dating back to 1984. They're loaded with Geer news, family stories, genealogy research findings & reveal how GFA evolved over the decades.

  • Free access to GFA's Ph.D. historian who will look for your Geer ancestors in GFA's data. Ask!

  • Reduced hotel rates for the GFA Triennial Reunion. Meet GFA members eager to share research findings, tell fascinating (possibly hair-raising!) family stories & enjoy the company of Geer cousins.

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GFA happily will add to its archives your Geer family memorabilia: pictures, birth records, Bible pages, etc. Send it!
We greatly appreciate your support & strive to keep Geer descendants engaged in GFA.

We ask for your patience as our Website is rebuilt page by page.--GSA Website Manager April 2024