How It All Started

George Geer and his brother Thomas emigrated from England in 1638 on a sailing ship. According to legend, the young brothers were put on the ship by an uncle, who asked the captain to "let them off" halfway to America, so they wouldn't inherit their father's estate. But the ship captain was a man of heart, and he brought them to New York. They wandered to Boston and then to Connecticut, where they settled in Ledyard. George is the ancestor of nearly all the Geers in the United States today, including those with variant spellings such as Gere, Gear, Geers, Geere, and others.

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The first GFA Reunion was held in Ledyard, CT, in 1976. Shown here is the luncheon which followed the first business meeting, held in the Congregational Church of Ledyard.
The grave of George Geer is in an old Indian burying ground near Ledyard.

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One of the Geer homesteads on the historical tour of Ledyard.

The old "Geer Hill School," built in the 1700's, still stands in Ledyard.


Alex Christensen, age 6, of Ashland, Massachusetts, ponders the significance of the spring on the homestead site of his ninth-great-grandfather, George Geer.

The old cemetery where George Geer and other Geers are buried.


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