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   The 2016 general meeting was held at GeerCrest Farm near Salem, OR
on the weekend of July 29, 30 and 31, 2016.

The meeting was hosted by Erika Ursla & Jim Toler of GeerCrest, who is also the GFA Trustee for Region 6.

The Officers Meeting was held in two parts at the Grand Hotel (dinner event) in Salem, and completed at The Aurora Colony Museum in SIlverton, Oreon. The Business Meeting was held and reports given at GeerCrest on Sunday, July 31, 2016. Ken Geer facilitated the Business Meeting, and elections were held. The program was exceptional, and the GeerCrest Reunion Committee should feel proud of the outstanding activities, both educational and historical.

Images from this event can be viewed here.


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    The 2013 general meeting was held in Ledyard, CT
on the weekend of June 21, 22 and 23, 2013.

The meeting was hosted by Ken Geer of Ledyard, who is the GFA Registered Agent.

    The business meeting was held at the Congregational Church in Ledyard,
as it has been in the past.

    President Gene Geer presided over the meeting. There was an election of officers for the next three years (click here to see the new officers on the GFA page); presentations on local history, local Geer families, and the stonecutting profession in Connecticut; as well as the ever- popular Show and Tell displays by Geer/Gere/Gear participants.

There were also driving tours of the area, which included the one-room Geer Hill Schoolhouse, cemeteries (including the grave of immigrant George Geer), the never-ending Geer spring water tasting, and old Geer homes.

For pictures of the 2013 Reunion, click here.

The next meeting of the GFA will be in Oregon at Geer Crest the first full weekend in August, 2016.
Details will be posted here as they become available.
It's always fun to see cousins we've met at previous reunions and meet new ones!

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The 2010 Triennial Reunion of GFA Was Held
in Scarborough, Maine
June 24 - 27, 2010!

  The General Meeting and Reunion of the Geer Family Association
was held on Friday through Sunday, June 25 to 27,
with an officers' meeting on Thursday evening, June 24.

President Gene Geer chairs the meeting. Attendees enjoyed the scenery in the area.
Speaker Michael Gear poses with Newsletter
Editor Donna Gear Loper
 Plenty of good food at the reunion!
For more photos of the Scarborough reunion, please Click here.

          The 2007 General Meeting and Reunion of the Geer Family Association was held June 22-24, 2007 at the Congregational Church in Ledyard, CT.
          A business meeting was held, tours of Geer homes and cemeteries were taken, and many new cousins became acquainted with each other. Here are some highlights:

Business Meeting   Speaker in Fellowship Hall

        The business meeting and programs were held in the Congregational Church in Ledyard.

Geer Homestead   Cemetery Tour

        Geer homes were open for tours, like this Geer Homestead. George Geer is buried in this little cemetery.

        The Officers and Trustees met to propose a slate of new officers. Sam Geer gave a talk about the Geer DNA Project.
        Click here to see more photos of the Ledyard Reunion.

A "Great Cousins Gathering" was held in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on February 14, 2009.

      The families of Frances Pearl Cockcroft Geer and Vasco R. Geer, Jr. (GFA Trustee from 1989 to 1992), met at the Jackson-George County Regional Public Library, courtesy of their Genealogy Department and Renee Gautier Hague, Genealogy Librarian and family friend.

Geer Cousins  

Left photo: Gary Byrd, George Kellas, Sue Ellen Byrd Moore, Janie Batty, Judi Geer Kellas, Jon "Tiger" Geer, Laura Byrd Cooley, and L.J. (Jon) Geer.
Right photo: Len Byrd Murray, Janie Batty, Renee Gautier Hague, Laura Byrd Cooley, and Sue Ellen Byrd Moore.

     When Frances Pearl Cockcroft Geer died in November 2006, she was the last of her family of 12 children. The following February family members were invited to attend the "inurnment" of her ashes next to her husband, Vasco R. Geer, Jr., in the Machpelah Cemetery in Pascagoula, MS. After the graveside ceremony, about 30 nieces, nephews and close friends went to a local restaurant to celebrates her nearly 100 years of life. At the gathering one of the cousins said to Judi Geer Kellas, "Why do we wait for someone to die to get together?" That gave Judi and her cousin, Janie Batty, the idea that they should have a reunion of cousins.

     In attendance at the February gathering were Gary Schley Byrd - son of Pearl's sister Esther; Gary's daughters Laura Byrd Cooley, Len Byrd Murray, and Sue Ellen Byrd Moore; Janie Batty - daughter of Gary's sister, Nelwyn Byrd Taylor; Judi Geer Kellas - daughter of Pearl & Vasco Geer, Jr.; George Kellas - Judi's husband; Judy Geer Ewing - Judi's cousin ; Tom Ewing - Judy's husband; Jon "Tiger" Geer - Judi's cousin; L.J. (Jon) Geer - Tiger's son; Renee Gautier Hague - family friend; Douglas Hague - Renee's husband; and Carolyn Chambliss Sharbrough Bonetti, daughter of Gary's sister Lynda Byrd Sharbrough, attended via Internet connection from Viareggio, Italy.

     To everyone's delight, Geer attendees came from far and wide. Judi Geer Kellas had thought that most people would be from her mother's family, many of whom live in or near Pascagoula. Tiger Geer and his son, L. J., came from California, and Tom and Judy Geer Ewing came from Maine! What a wonderful event!

A reunion of the descendants of James Henderson Geer and Anna M. Fought Geer was held in Johnstown PA in July 2008.

The Whole Gang

      Above: Five generations of descendants of James Henderson Geer and Anna M. Fought Geer at the dining room at the top of the Inclined Plane on Saturday, July 19. James Geer was the superintendent of construction on the project to build the Inclined Plane for evacuating Johnstown residents in the event of another major flood. The group included family members who traveled from Colorado, Florida, Maine, Tennessee, New York, Ohio, and other states. The cousins toured the Johnstown area and several cemeteries where ancestors are buried. Pictured below are James and Anna.


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