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  Please tell us about yourself.

If you would like to ask about your own Gear, Geere, Geare or Geer-related genealogy, please consider joining the Geer Family Association and send your queries to the Historian. The historian will try to answer all questions as time permits.

You can email the Historian with questions you have about your ancestors. Ginger August is extremely well versed in the various lineages and an experienced researcher.

She can be reached at: Ginger August < gingeraugust@gmail.com >

Although she does not perform research on your behalf, she does comb our extensive library or genealogies, published materials and CD's to try to answer your questions and link your branch of family to a known lineage. Tell her what you DO know about your family, and we will see what we can find to help you.


Tell us also about how you found us. We hope you find our organization helpful, resourceful, and ultimately decide to join.

Regardless, we would love to add your family pictures, birth records, bible pages, and other family memorabilia into our library for generations to come.

Please include in your email, your home surface mailing address, and if possible a phone contact, for follow-up questions to help us find your ancestors.

Thank you for stopping by - we hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, The Geer Family Association and members.

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