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   The 2016 general meeting was held at GeerCrest Farm near Salem, Oregon
on the weekend of July 29, 30 and 31, 2016.

The meeting was hosted by Erika Ursla & Jim Toler of GeerCrest,
who is also the GFA Trustee for Region 6.

The Officers Meeting was held in two parts at the Grand Hotel (dinner event) in Salem, and completed at The Aurora Colony Museum in Silverton, Oreon. The Business Meeting was held and reports given at GeerCrest on Sunday, July 31, 2016. Ken Geer facilitated the Business Meeting, and elections were held. The program was exceptional, and the GeerCrest Reunion Committee should feel proud of the outstanding activities, both educational and historical. Images from this event can be viewed here.


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Photo 1 Above (Left-to-Right): Ginger August Portrait T.T. Geer

Photo Above (Left-to-Right): Portrait T.T. Geer Nameplate

Photo 2 Above (Left-to-Right):
Donna Lea Gear Loper, Ginger August, Alice Hemmingway
, Mary Ellen Spink

Photo 3 Above (Left-to-Right):
Kim Ragen, Ron Ragen, Suzanne Ragen, Alice Hemingway, Brooks Ragen
(white hat), Lee Ragen

Photo 4 Above (Left-to-Right):
Cornelia Talboy, Robert Talboy, Kasee Menke, Michael Menke, Greg Geer, Chris Geer

Photo 5 Above (Left-to-Right):
Michael Menke, Greg Geer, Chris Geer, Cornelia Talboy, Robt. Talboy, Kasee Menke

Photo 6 Above (Left-to-Right):
Emily Gere, Donna Lea Gear Loper, Ken Geer, Jim Toler, Erika Toler, Cinda Jauregui

Photo 7 Above (Left-to-Right):
Frank Meyers, Lila Meyers, TBD, Sage Mingan

Photo 8 Above (Left-to-Right): Jerry Wilcox, Mary Wilcox, Joan Plank

Photo 9 Above (Left-to-Right):
Amy Provenzola, Ellen Toothacker, Jaqueline Miesel, Dave Miesel, Ron Geer

Photo 10 Above (Left-to-Right):
Elizabeth Geer, Jacob Geer, Barbara Lokting, Mike Venti, Linda Venti

Photo 11 Above (Left-to-Right):
Adam McKinley, Eleanor Radune, Richard Radune, Gene Geer, Panse Geer, Cayla Catino

Photo 12 Above (Left-to-Right):
Mary Lou Crouter, Lianne Anderson, Fred Farnell, Patricia [Farnell] Danilson,
TBD, Catherine Luce, Kristina Zuppan, Doug Anderson, Mike Crouter

Photo 13 Above (Left-to-Right): Ken Geer & Ginger August

Photo 14 Above: Sherry Parker, in period dress for readings.

Photo 15 Above: Cornelia Talboy presenting her family quilt heirloom.

Photo 16 Above: Michael Menke discussing family history research

Photo 17 Above (Left-to-Right): Sage Mingan & Barbara Lokting

Photo 18 Above (Left-to-Right):Greg Geer, Cornelia Talboy, Chris Geer

Photo 19 Above: Tables at GeerCrest

Photo 20 Above: Historic site presenter

Photo 21 Above: Ron Geer

Photo 22 Above: Cinda Jauregui & Patsey Wegner

Photo 23 Above (Left-to-Right): Our Hosts, Jim & Erika Toler

Photo 23 Above: GeerCrest Porch

Photo 24 Above : The Oregon Trail

Photo 25 Above (Left-to-Right): Clackamas, Oregon - End of the Oregon Trail.

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