The Genealogy of George Geer

This is a brief record of the first three generations of George Geer's descendants in America.
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George Geer
Born about 1621 in Heavitree, England
Married Sarah Allyn, daughter of Robert Allyn
George arrived in Boston with his brother Thomas about 1635 and settled in New London County and Enfield, CT, respectively. George died in 1726.


Children of George and Sarah:
Sarah Geer, b. 2/27/1659, d. after 1718, m. Nathaniel Park
Jonathan Geer, b. 5/26/1662, d. 4/30/1742, m. (1)Mary ___; (2)Experience (Parker) Foster
Joseph Geer, b. 10/14/1664, d. 8/10/1743, m. (1)Sarah Howard; (2)Susannah Silsby
Hannah Geer, b. 2/27/1666, d. ___, m. Charles Williams
Margaret Geer, b. 2/1669, d. ___, m. Thomas Gates
Mary Geer, b. 3/26/1671, d. ___, m. Zacariah Mainor
Daniel Geer, b. 9/1673, d. 10/2/1749, m. (1)Hannah ___; (2?)Hannah ___
Robert Geer, b. 1/2/1675, d. 11/20/1742, m. Martha Tyler
Anne Geer, b. 1/6/1679, d. ___, m. Daniel Tyler
Isaac Geer, b. 3/16/1681, d. 1745, m. Martha Lee
Jeremiah Geer, b. 9/1683, d. 1721, m. Esther Hilliard

Generation Three Children of Sarah Geer and Nathaniel Parke:
Nathaniel Parke, baptized 8/14/1681, d. about 1724; m. Charity ___
Joseph Parke, b. about 1680, m. Mrs. Mary (Smith) Paine
Ezekaih Parke, b. about 1687, m. (1)Alice Larabee, (2)Mary Stafford
John Parke, b. about 1685, m. Sarah Spaulding
Isaac Parke, m. Deborah Park
Jacob Parke, m. (1)his cousin Martha Geer, (2)Prudence Fanning
Phoebe Parke, b. about 1692m. Thomas Beman
Margaret Parke, m. Jabez Spicer
Daniel Parke, b. about 1697, d. in infancy

  Children of Jonathan Geer and Mary ___:
Jonathan Geer, b. about 1688, m. (1)Elizabeth Herrick, (2)Hannah Putnam
Deborah Geer, b. about 1686, d. 12/10/1736, m. James Park
Sarah Geer, b. about 1687, m. Joseph Jennings
Mary Geer, b. about 1694, m. Jonathan Potts
Zerviah Geer, b. about 1696, m. John Geer
Dorothy Geer, baptized 7/8/1705, m. William Tyler

  Children of Joseph Geer and Sarah Howard:
Joseph Geer, b. 10/17/1692, d. 5/19/1718, never married
Keziah Geer, b. 2/23/1710, m. Manaseh Minor
Sarah Geer, b. 9/17/1712, m. Timothy Herrenton/Herrington/Herndon
Benajah Geer, b. 5/31/1714, d. after 1768, m. Elizabeth Clark
Children of Joseph Geer and Susannah Silsby:
James Geer, b. 1/16/1715, d. 9/30/1794, m. (1)Mary MacKneel, (2)Mary (Culver) Kimball
Susannah Geer, b. 3/28/1717, m. Isaac Clark
Joseph Geer (2), b. 5/29/1719, d. after 1790, m. Martha Harris
Silas Geer, b. 3/26/1722, m. Hannah Williams
Ezra Geer, b. 5/16/1724, d. ___, m. Elizabeth Canada

  Children of Margaret Geer and Thomas Gates:
Robert Gates, b. 10/3/1696, m. Mary Clark
Zebadiah Gates, b. 9/4/1699, d. 1759, m. (1)Jerusha Geer, (2)Mehitabel Downing
Prudence Gates, b. 5/26/1703, m. George Phillips
Daniel Gates, b. 4/21/1707, d. 12/2/1767, m. Mercy Heald
Thomas Gates, b. 6/15/1709, d. after 8/20/1751
Margaret Gates, b. 3/4/1715

  Children of Mary Geer and Zachariah Mainor:
Zachariah Mainor, b. 4/23/1700, m. (1)Susanna ___, (2)Mary Neff
Hannah Mainor, b. 7/23/1706, m. ___ Wintworth
Mary Mainor, b. 8/13/1711
Elnathan Mainor, b. 1713, d. 12/1/1777, m. Bial Button
Elijah Mainor, mentioned in father's will
Naham Mainor, b. 5/31/1733
Elizabeth Mainor, b. 2/14/1736/37, m. Ephraim Upton

  Children of Daniel Geer and first wife Hannah ___ [she d. 3/19/1749/50; he then married Hannah (Tracy) Davidson)]:
Daniel Geer, b. 6/15/1700, never married
John Geer, b. 3/29/1703, d. 3/7/1776, m. Zerviah Geer
Christopher Geer, b. 12/19/1704/06, d. 4/1/1795, m. (1)Experience Foster, (2)Hannah Geer, (3)Prudence Weakly
Ebenezer Geer, b. 12/29/1709, d. ___, m. Desire Herrick
William Geer, b. 1/4/1713, d. 2/5/1772, m. (1)Esther Geer, (2)Dinah Weeden
Thankful Geer, b. 1/7/1720/21, d. 2/5/1772, m. Edward Wheeler

  Children of Robert Geer and Martha Tyler:
Mary Geer, b. 5/13/1701, d. after 1744, m. John Spicer
Martha Geer, b. 3/18/1704, d. in 1743, m. Jacob Park
Robert Geer, b. 4/5/1707, d. 1/1/1801, m. Abigail Greenman
Ebenezer Geer, b. 4/1/1710, d. 8/28/1763, m. Prudence Wheeler
James Geer, b. 12/7/1713, d. 1755, m. (1)Zipporah Williams, (2)Sarah Cheseborough

  Children of Anne Geer and Daniel Tyler:
David Tyler, b. 2/22/1701, d. 1802, m. (1)Jane Cady, (2)Mehitabel Shurtleff
Sarah Tyler, b. 8/16/1702
John Tyler, b. 3/24/1705, d. 1791, m. Elizabeth ___
Job Tyler, b. 2/14/1710, m. Bial Williams
Zebedee Tyler, b. ___

  Children of Isaac Geer and Martha Lee:
Isaac Geer, b. 4/27/1709, d. 1747, m. Martha Morgan
Martha Geer, m. Benjamin Giles
Sarah Geer, b. 11/12/1714
Benjamin Geer, b. 1717, d. 1801, m. Rachel ___
Lucy Geer
George Geer
, b. 10/10/1724, d. 10/5/1786, m. Polly Rouse
Elizabeth Geer, baptized 10/12/1729
Solomon Geer, possibly d. in West Indies
Jacob Geer, b. 1732, d. 1/27/1814, m. Ann Patten
Mary Geer, b. 7/12/1720


Children of Jeremiah Geer and Esther Hilliard:
Oliver Geer, d. after 1765, m. Elizabeth Newberry
Hannah Geer, m. Christopher Geer
Esther Geer, m. William Geer
Zebulun Geer
Zipporah Geer
Jerusha Geer
, b. ___, d. 3/10/1735, m. Zebadiah Gates as his first wife

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